These are all PACE Participants at the Upham’s Elder Service Plan.

Whether they were born in Boston, grew up in the South, married young, never married, traveled abroad, stayed local, or came from another country, the fact remains: They all love the PACE program. The following people were kind enough to share their stories.

Social Worker, Hebrew Senior Life

The staff at Upham’s PACE has always been very responsive to us and our residents. They will go the extra mile to make sure that the potential participant understands the program, their individualized care plan and keep all of those who have relationships with the participant informed. PACE staff are truly team players and always keep what’s best in mind for the participant.

Daughter of Participant

The decision about what to do with an aging and frail parent isn’t always an easy one. This decision and its difficulty increases when there may be a culture shock. Such is the case of Jacinta and her mother. “Upham’s PACE,” she says, It would let my mom have all of the care she needed during the day while being able to come home in the afternoons. It’s a blessing not to have to worry about her medical care when I’m at work, or when my kids are away. Mama is always looked after.

Bernice King
Enrolled 2016, attends Tuesday and Thursday

Upham’s PACE has been helpful in so many ways, in more ways than one. I can’t tell you how happy I am to be here. To me, it is so important to get out of the house and meet new people. Everyone is so helpful and friendly. It is an excellent program. I look forward to coming here every week.

Johnnie Freeman
Enrolled in 2010, attends Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

The best part of Upham’s PACE is the activities. I play dominoes, cards and BINGO. You can also get some nice prizes at BINGO, like perfume and pocketbooks! It’s an extra bonus. We dance a lot at the Center, which I absolutely love. There’s something about music that soothes your soul. It’s better than spending the days alone.

Janie Johnson
Enrolled 2015, attends Tuesday and Thursdays

I like the atmosphere at the Upham’s Elder Service program. I find the employees to be nice and we have the sweetest drivers they are so nice and kind. I have been coming now for 4 years and I really enjoy the activities here, especially dancing and getting to ride the exercise bike twice a week. The program helps me to stay healthy and happy.

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