If you do not agree with the decision that is made by this screening team, you may appeal the decision by following the steps below. For more information on how to appeal a MassHealth decision,  CLICK HERE

  • You will need to fill out the Fair Hearing Request Form within the timeframes listed on the form. Please be sure to read the form before completing.
  • Make a copy of the form for yourself.
  • Send a copy to the Office of Medicaid, Board of Hearings at:
    100 Hancock St. 6th Floor
    Quincy, MA 02171
  • Or fax it to the Office of Medicaid, Board of Hearings at (617) 847-1204.

After you submit your appeal, the Board of Hearings will send you a notice of your hearing date, time, and place at least 10 calendar days before your scheduled hearing date.

At the hearing, you may represent yourself or be represented by a lawyer or other representative at your own expense. You may contact a local legal service or community agency to get advice or representation at no cost. To get information about legal service or community agencies, call the MassHealth Customer Service Center.

If you cannot come to the hearing for good cause, or if you need a telephone hearing, you must call the Office of Medicaid, Board of Hearings before the hearing date.

Main: (617) 847-1200
Toll free: (800) 655-0338

Failure to appear without having good cause, or having previously rescheduled the hearing, will result in the dismissal of your appeal.

You and/or your representative can review your MassHealth case file before the hearing. To do so, call the MassHealth Customer Service Center.

Main: (800) 841-2900
TTY: (800) 497-4648

Please contact us to schedule a home visit, a PACE Center tour or for more information. PACE is a voluntary program and participants may dis-enroll at any time.

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